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Create separate site within Dokuwiki site
dpifer #1
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Subject: Create separate site within Dokuwiki site

I hope I can make this clear so that maybe this has been done or someone can come up with an answer. I already have a Dokuwiki site set up for the system administrator but I want to separate site for software development so that users can add pages for their purposes. I have something that sort of works but the configuration I have bypasses the authentication mechanism when clicking on the links. Would this be best to set this up as a farm or would internal links work?

schplurtz (Moderator) #2
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would internal links work?
I don't understand what you mean.

But you can easily divide your wiki in two or more "zones" :

With user groups, you could configure ACL to give rights on some namespace to some
users and no rights at all on the other namespaces. For example
users in the dev group have acces to namespace :dev and no access
to other namespaces. they can create subnamespace inside the :dev
namespace if needed.
Users in the sysadm group have no access to :dev
This will be no problem as long as you do not need too much groups.
If you end up with 15 groups, then writing all those ACL rules will become
tedious and error-prone.
If you choose this option, I'd suggest that you move all your current pages under
a :sysadm namespace first. I think the move plugin can do this for you.

You can even make some users member of both groups, and they have access to both namespace or setup a third, shared, namespace where everyone has some access.

Or you could use the farmer plugin. you need either some DNS setup, or an
apache webserver that accepts .htacess files (or both). having things in common will be more difficult with this technique.

In the end, it depends on your needs.

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