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Greetings from Cambodia
Samana Johann #1
Member since Jun 2018 · 175 posts · Location: Aural/Cambodia
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Subject: Greetings from Cambodia
Valued Mr. Andreas,
valued caretaker here and forum member,

my person's name is Johann and Samana points on his "occupation", meaning something like recluse or someone striving for a even way of life (in his case a alms begging buddhist forest monk). Johann used to grow up in Austria and left home more then 10 years ago, leaving normal life, familiy, friends and all possessions and previous occupations as well as all kinds of trade and exchange behind.

Now living in a remote mountain side, in a cave, in the central mountains of Cambodia.

Since a while my person dedicates much time to make old buddhist teachings remorseless and as gift avaliable in modern spheres with all given means he is able to use.

Since neither taking of what is not given, not taking in trust without being sure that the owner is happy if taken, (not using money, means of exchange, trade of what ever kind) my person asked Mr. Andreas if it would be welcome to make use of his generosity within wikidoku, a while ago, and he confirmed his intent in this personal approach.

Since given skills and means are very tiny to get the gift possible installed and running, my person thought it might be welcome to approch here in your support community, of cause not really sure whether it is welcome and not possible annoying or burdensome. Most are understandable much to busy with care for own interest.

May it be always told and there are of course not the slightest demads at all.

My person think, althought not knowing in detail, that dokuwiki might be a suitable tool to bring the merely one by one hand coded pages of as well as 10.000s further and other textpages in an easier accessable enviroment to edit, expand and translate in multiple languages.

My person hopes that his strange approach and possible alien ways are how ever not to much annoying.

If anybody feel inspired to give what ever own sacrifice into this undertaking, foremost dedicated toward the Tripple Gems (meaning toward liberation, beyond world), may feel welcome to do so.
There is also a working forum for all undertakings around it:,29.0.html one may feel to join and make use of it for ones inspirations.

If having any question, what ever, one may not feel hesitate to ask.

(May typos, bad english... be pardoned, working on a small given tablet with less tools and "poor" (actuall outstanding good for circumstance here) internet connection)
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Samana Johann #2
Member since Jun 2018 · 175 posts · Location: Aural/Cambodia
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The gift with dokuwiki has generously given lucky birth at:

And let my person share the encouragement for rejoicing with sacrifice and gains of others with it.

Sadhu (expression of appreciation of others skilful deeds, similar to "bravo" or "very good", but not meant in relation of own personal gain)

May who ever likes join the merits by rejoicing with it.

May such a "tiny" reward of all your generous and selfless work here be possible to accept, since that and not much burden all of you might be all possible to "reward", or pushing even forwardly.

Adāsi me akāsi me
    Ñāti-mittā sakhā ca me
Petānaṃ dakkhiṇaṃ dajjā
    Pubbe katam-anussaraṃ
Na hi ruṇṇaṃ vā soko vā
    Yā vaññā paridevanā
Na taṃ petānam-atthāya
    Evaṃ tiṭṭhanti ñātayo
*Ayañca kho dakkhiṇā dinnā
    Saṅghamhi supatiṭṭhitā
Dīgha-rattaṃ hitāyassa
    Ṭhānaso upakappati
So ñāti-dhammo ca ayaṃ nidassito
    Petāna-pūjā ca katā uḷārā
Balañca bhikkhūnam-anuppadinnaṃ
    Tumhehi puññaṃ pasutaṃ anappakanti.

"He gave to me, he acted on my behalf,
    and he was my relative, companion, friend."
Offerings should be given for the dead
    when one reflects (thus) on what was done in the past.
For no weeping or sorrowing or any kind of lamentation
    benefit the dead whose relatives keep acting in that way.
  • But when this offering is given, well-placed in the Sangha,
It works for their long-term benefit
    And they profit immediately.
    In this way the proper duty to relatives has been shown
    And great honor has been done to the dead
    And the monks have been given strength:
       You've acquired merit that's not small.
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Samana Johann #3
Member since Jun 2018 · 175 posts · Location: Aural/Cambodia
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Once one would take something in exchange for goodness given, it would not only reduce the merits done by oneself.

Such may be a certain protection of not so well intented gifts as well, robots, and other ways beings try to catch and bind each other.

"Nobody can distinguish food given as exchange for Dhamma", so it's mostly good simply throw it into water without living being inside so that nobody would get sick from it.
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