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encoding issue with putpage
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Subject: encoding issue with putpage
We are using putpage ( thru perl with in version
Release 2018-04-22a "Greebo".

Special chars on the created pages do not show up correctly on the dokuwiki even if the encoding is correct.

An additional line before saveWikiText($id,$TEXT,$sum,$minor); in RemoteAPICore.php fixed it:

<         $TEXT=utf8_decode($TEXT);

I.e. it appears that putpage still expects ISO-8859-1?

This is the code to test with:

#!/usr/bin/env perl

use strict;
use 5.010;

use Data::Dumper;
use RPC::XML::Client;
use Dokuwiki::RPC::XML::Client;

my $wiki =
    Dokuwiki::RPC::XML::Client -> reach
    ( url => ''    );

my $user= <remoteuser>;
my $password=<password>;

$wiki->login( $user, $password );
say $wiki->getVersion;

my %attrs = ('sum' => 'Test putpage');
say 'putPage = ' . Dumper $wiki->putPage("test_fr", "arrière-cour crétin", {%attrs});

What is the better solution compared to the patch?
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