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Departmental Team Wiki - Complaints
raksasas #1
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Subject: Departmental Team Wiki - Complaints
Is there a setting that will, when user1 of network group creates a page have it automatically set it viewable to the network group only? 

To keep the into short:
1. Started with 1 wiki for 1 department team
2. Other departments saw what we were doing and ask from access/one for their department tean
3 Created 3 more wikis for a total of 4 wikis for 4 departments with login only
4. Got told we are hiding/not sharing info. (1st wiki). IMHO, come talk to us If you want to know about something.
5. In response one of the 3 admins created accounts for 1st wiki for others to use. Now everyone can see everything now. Management (ACL) of information just got complicated. 
6. Software team doesn't need to see network/security team's stuff. Then again there are a few things that could/need to be shared.  Urrrggg!

Restarting the question: Is there a setting that will, when user1 of network group creates a page have it automatically set it viewable to the network group only? 

This got me to thinking that this would allows us to have 1 wiki for the whole building.  The only problem i see with that is that if you are part of the admin group you would/could view, edit, delete info.   So  I have also been looking at the wiki farm stuff for info.  I kind of wish there was a way set which groups can see it on the Edit screen.
andi (Administrator) #2
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Well, merge all you wikis into one. Separate departments by giving each their own namespace. Setup ACLs for those namespaces in a way that by default only the department may see what's in there. Selectively grant read access to other departments.

But what I think you need to work out first, is what kind of culture do you want in your company. How should people work with each other? Is there any harm in letting people see stuff they do not necessarily need? What about editing? A user from a different department might still be able to correct a spelling mistake... Anyway, figure out the culture you want first (involve the other departments and upper management if you can't figure it out yourself) then adjust the setup accordingly.
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