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Google Site Verification
iaw4 #1
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Subject: Google Site Verification
Google makes site verification easy if I can put a "google<id>.html" into my site.  Alas, because a dokuwiki farm controls my top-level domain and my subdomains, how would I convince dokuwiki to serve up this file on '<id>.html' ?
Michaelsy #2
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A bit delayed answer, but maybe interesting for later generations ...

Put the file in the appropriate folder on your web server. It is the same folder that maybe contains the file Test the read access with your web browser through directly insert the url of the file (<id>.html). The content of the file must be shown in the browser.

how would I convince dokuwiki to serve up this file on '<id>.html'?

For explanation: The file is delivered from your web server beside your DokuWiki installation. That means that has nothing to do with DokuWiki.

HTH anyone - Michael Sy.
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andi (Administrator) #3
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@Michaelsy that does not answer the question which specifically asked about animals in farms.

@OP There is currently no good way to use the file based verification for animals in farms. Using the meta header based verification is the easier way. One could easily write a plugin that would allow to set the verification ID in each animals' config (not sure if there is one, yet). Using a meta.html include (…) in the animal's config directory probably works too.
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StarArmy #4
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It sounds like things are working as intended. Because you do not own the domain name that you're hosting your wiki on, you should not be able to verify ownership of the domain with Google. Only the owner of the domain should be able to claim ownership of it on Google. If you want to have Google webmaster tools, etc, for your wiki you will need to host it yourself.
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