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Configuring single sign-on IIS 7
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Subject: Configuring single sign-on IIS 7
(Preface: definite noob with this, don't really know what I'm doing)

What I'm trying to do:
Host an internal wiki for all our users to add or edit.
To get people to use the site I don't want them to go through an account creation process and have to bother with passwords and usernames.

However, we need to be able to keep track of who edits the page so a single sign on using their windows credentials seems best.

What's currently set up:
Dokuwiki is installed and running fine using IIS, Windows server 2016.
Php 5.6 is installed.
Windows authentication is enabled and anonymous  is disabled.

local.protected.php has:
  // general DokuWiki options
  $conf['useacl']         = 1;
  $conf['disableactions'] = 'register';
  $conf['authtype']       = 'authad';
  // configure your Active Directory data here
  $conf['auth']['authad']['account_suffix']     = '';
  $conf['auth']['authad']['base_dn']            = 'DC=abc,DC=co,DC=uk';
  $conf['auth']['authad']['domain_controllers'] = 'domainController'; //multiple can be given
  $conf['auth']['authad']['admin_username']        = 'adminusername';
  $conf['auth']['authad']['admin_password']        = 'adminpassword';
  $conf['auth']['authad']['sso']                = 1;
  $conf['plugin']['authad']['real_primarygroup']  = 1;
  $conf['plugin']['authad']['recursive_groups']   = 1;

And I've set internet options to allow automatic login with current username and password in the intranet.

What's happening:
I am getting a username/password logon box which accepted my windows credentials (IIS's doing I guess) but it's not doing it automatically.

Additionally, if local.protected.php is there I get the messages:
"User authentication is temporarily unavailable. If this situation persists, please inform your Wiki Admin."

"No ACL setup yet! Denying access to everyone."

I'm at a bit of a loss.. Not sure what to try or what I'm missing.
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I've mostly sorted things now. For those in the future with the same issue:

First step is to enable debugging and see what's going on - mine said that the PHP LDAP plugin was not installed.

When I installed PHP the PHP manager was unable to be installed for some reason and I couldn't get it to install for love nor money.
However, over here: there is an up to date version you can install.

Installed that and can then see that the php-ldap.dll was not enabled. I enabled it and yay it all works fine now :)
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