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DokuWiki independently renames page links to link to wrong pages
kira_resari #1
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Subject: DokuWiki independently renames page links to link to wrong pages
Hi everyone,

I am having the following peculiar problem:

I renamed a page from "cutomers:start" to "customers:overview", because I wanted to insert another "customers:start" page that should link to the renamed "customers:overview" and a number of other pages.

So far, so good. I renamed the old page to "customers:overview", and created a new "cutomers:start"  page, both of which work perfectly.

The strange things started to happen when I tried to adjust the links on other pages.

Originally, the link looked like this:

[[.:customers:overview|Customers Start Page]]

I changed it to this and clicked "save".

[[.:customers:start|Customers Start Page]]

However, the link still redirected me to the "customers:overview"-page, and when I clicked "Edit" again, I noticed that the link was back to:

[[.:customers:overview|Customers Start Page]]

I tried inserting a new link instead, which made it use the full namespace address...

[[namespace:customers:start|Customers Start Page]]

...but after I clicked "save", it magically changed to:

[[namespace:customers:overview|Customers Start Page]]

...thus redirecting to the wrong site again.

Even more confusingly, when looking at the corresponding .txt file on the server, the link is displayed correctly as

[[.customers:start|Customers Start Page]]

... even though on the Wiki itself it's displayed in the editor as...

[[namespace:customers:overview|Customers Start Page]]

Could this be related in any way to the "move"-plugin that I used to rename the page?

Can anyone help me understand what's going on here? This isn't the first time that DokuWiki "redacts" my input to achieve unwanted results.

Any insight  on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Michaelsy #2
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From me at this point only an indication of the Move plugin, maybe for future renaming of pages:

Feedback welcome

HTH (in the future) - Michael Sy.
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
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