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Random generator plugin?
Is there a plugin that lets you do something like
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Subject: Random generator plugin?

I have a couple Dokuwikis (at work, at home), and I am building one for the content for an old-school D&D game I am planning on running soon.  It is going to hold all the game information, rules and content, but also I'd like to build the tools into the wiki itself.

Of course, a lot of RPGs is tables and random generation, sometimes using nested tables to build more complex information.  There are tools to do this, of course (Inspiration Pad Pro, Tablesmith, etc), but I'd love to be able to incorporate this into the wiki where it can leverage all the other content I am building.  There is an example of some of the things I'd like to do at, for instance, things like this page that generates random dungeon rooms.  If you look at the source, you can see that it uses weighted tables in the page itself, and can even include tables from other pages (so you can have utility tables that you use in other pages).

Is there a plugin that's like this?  Thank you!
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No there's nothing like that as far as I am aware. If you have programming experience you might be able to port some of the generators they use at (if the source is available).

OTOH, since you're running one specific D&D campaign, you probably do not need new random stuff again and again. Instead it might make more sense to use external tools to generate your initial characters, dungeons, etc and copy the results over to your wiki.
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I, too, am very interested in a plugin like this for my RPG.

For far I've been building and using PHP-based ones but having one that is in the wiki would really open the door for my users to easily make their own random tables.
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