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[Solved] Sidebars by namespace
Having trouble setting up sidebars by namespace
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Subject: [Solved] Sidebars by namespace
I would like to have a different side bar for one of my namespaces.  I see the FAQ Namespaces, but don't understand what I am reading.

Sidebar by namespace
A single sidebar is applied by default to all pages in the namespace where the wiki sidebar page is created. So, you can choose where you want to display a sidebar :

:sidebar – applied for all pages in the wiki by default :*
:foo:sidebar – applied for all pages in the namespace foo:*
Moreover, you can easily have multiple sidebars: “the nearest sidebar page will be used” as said in the configuration setting: sidebar page. There is no limit to having specific sidebars per namespace to facilitate browsing as:

:foo:sidebar for the namespace foo:*
:bar:sidebar for the namespace bar:*
:foo:bar:sidebar for the namespace :foo:bar:*
:foo:bar:baz:sidebar for the namespace :foo:bar:baz:*
However, you have to check if your template supports this setting. Bootstrap3, and possibly other templates, extends the namespace capability to other elements of the template (rightsidebar, navbar, pageheader,….). Check the template's configuration options.

I am using the Dokuwiki template.  In configuration Manager, if I put "sidebar", it works fine for all of my pages, but if I put "namespace:sidebar", I do not get a sidebar on any of my pages, including the pages in "namespace".

Where do I put the above? (:foo:bar:baz:sidebar).  It doesn't seem to work if I put that in the Configuration Manager page.  Is there some file somewhere I have to edit manually?  Perhaps the template I am using doesn't support Sidebars by namespace.  How would I know?
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Subject: Figured it out
My co-worker figured it out.  So simple, yet could be explained a little better in the FAQ.  Had to create a sidebar, namespace:sidebar, not put namespace:sidebar in the Configuration Manager page.
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