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Have a page know its own @ID@
PmGeuze #1
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Subject: Have a page know its own @ID@

I would like to access each page's @ID@ address in the page.

I see that the index has a list of all pages, can I use some form of metadata to capture the page data and store it as a link in the page?

I have moved a number of pages around without the Move plugin and I need to recreate the links, which I can do with RegEx, I just need each page to know where it is currently in the dokuwiki.

Thank you for your time in answering this simple question.

Michaelsy #2
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I am not sure I understood the problem correctly. But in any case, you can use the Textinsert Plugin to create a macro that enters the namespace and the ID of a page in this page.
Using the HTML option of this plugin, you can also create an HMTL link that links the page to itself.

However, this method does not put the page ID in the source wiki code. (There is only the macro call included.) If you want to do that, you have to edit the *.txt file of the page at the server level in some way. The name of this file is the page name. The location of the file in the directory tree corresponds to the location of the page in the namespace structure. (In certain a sense, these are the "metadata" of the page you wrote about. In another form they are not available again.)

Feedback welcome - Michael Sy.
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Samana Johann #3
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If doing the regex locally, having copied the whole pages including directories on a workstation, my person thinks to remember that some editors are capable to include path and file-name into the single documents which that could be replaced with the online path and so on. If having found ways to do such with DWs means, such would be surely a great share.
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