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Strange Syntax issues.
I can't start a line with / and some code crashes the site.
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Subject: Strange Syntax issues.
It seems that I missed an informative post. I will check mod security and the apache logs this evening to see if I can work out what the issue is.

Good Morning,

I have searched the forum and can't find similar issues. I have most likely misconfigured something however I am at a loss to what.

I use DocuWiki (fantastic product BTW) as a bit of a personal code store. As such, I enter a lot of code into the pages. If I try and start a line with say "/opt/" the site will crash and I will see:

You don't have permission to access /wiki/doku.php on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

It's not a major issue for me, I just change it to "  /  opt" and it works fine. I feel as though it is maybe a security feature to stop XXS or similar?

Recently, I have been trying to publish this piece of code:
opt/local/pgsql/bin/psql rwdb web -c "update users set user_active='t' where user_login= 'admin'";

Even if I remove all of the /'s, it still gives me the Forbidden error.

Can anyone think of what this may be?

Much appreciated.
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I seem to remember that there are certain constructions which are apache triggers:
Myron Turner
plugins, templates:
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