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PWA functionality
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Subject: PWA functionality
Hello everyone!

I‘ve seen on Github that DokuWiki is about to support PWA (Progressive Web Apps), a new technology I‘ve never heard about before. As I‘m searching for a solution to bring an offline version as an app of my wiki to my users for several years, this could be the way to do it after I did some research about this technology.

I've found the pwaoffline-plugin, but the plugin page isn't very long. Which I can understand, because the plugin is an alpha release.

I installed a wiki on localhost on my laptop, and it seems to work good for an alpha version. After the wiki pages were cached, I switched off apache and the wiki pages with images still were there and were browsable (but the search field, admin area, etc. disappeared, which is quite logically). After switching apache on again, the search field and everything else came back.

But there are some questions left for me, and maybe someone else has also tried the pwaoffline-plugin and can answer them to me:

- Is there another way to provide the search when the wiki is in offline mode?
- It seems that the pages and images of the whole wiki are cached automatically. Other media files (like PDFs) are not cached, until you open the files once, then they are also available. Is it possible to fetch all the media also automatically?
- Is it possible to switch of caching, or to be more precise, only start caching files after clicking on a button or define a setting? I don't want that my wiki loads several hundred megabytes on every client who visits the wiki (because it is an open wiki on the internet, and I also wouldn't be happy when all the data is transferred to my smartphone without being asked before).

Maybe someone can tell me about this, because I wasn‘t able to find any documentation. And I'm sure there will appear further questions when I dig deeper into this topic.

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