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[Solved] Correct file & folder permissions?
snuffy #1
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Subject: [Solved] Correct file & folder permissions?
I have migrated from a windows to a Linux server and now don't think my permissions are correct. I created a tar.gz on Windows of my 'data' dir and unzipped it over the top of an existing new install:

sudo tar xvzf /share/data.tar.gz -C /var/www/dokuwiki-2018-04-22a/

I then did:

sudo chown -R www-data:www-data data

I can create and edit pages, as well as see all my old pages, but not sure what the directories and files permissions should be. I have read but don't fully understand it. Different forum posts and how-to guides all seem to set different permissions!

I can use chmod and chown but am not a Linux expert, and some of the permissions concepts are lost on me.

Should the 'data' dir and all its contents be owned by the www-data user and only that user should have read, write, and execute? Do users of the site, i.e. users on the web need to have read access? or should it be -rwx------ for files and drwx------ for directories ?

Do I need to set dmod and fmod to the same permissions?

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turnermm (Moderator) #2
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The imoprtant permissions needed are for the web server:  so the web server should be the owner of the wiki, its files and directories, and have read/write permission for files and read/write/execute for directories.  Users do not need write permission.  The -x field does not apply to ordinary pages in the data directory.  It is the execute bit and applies only to scripts and programs that are meant to run independently..
Myron Turner
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snuffy #3
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Thanks, I've learnt a little bit more here. Have set permissions as read write and execute for both owner and group... didn't know how to set it just for files. It all appears to be working as expected so far.
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