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Compatibility Warning in Renderer
DokuWiki 2018.04.22-0122
krikrack #1
Member since Nov 2018 · 2 posts
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Subject: Compatibility Warning in Renderer
Help needed!

Suddenly without having changed anything my Dokuwiki does not render any images and ejects error messages like this:

Warning: Declaration of action_plugin_source::register(&$controller) should be compatible with DokuWiki_Action_Plugin::register(Doku_Event_Handler $controller) in /volume1/web/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/source/action.php on line 0
Warning: Declaration of syntax_plugin_source::handle($match, $state, $pos, &$handler) should be compatible with DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin::handle($match, $state, $pos, Doku_Handler $handler) in /volume1/web/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/source/syntax.php on line 0
Warning: Declaration of syntax_plugin_source::render($format, &$renderer, $data) should be compatible with DokuWiki_Syntax_Plugin::render($format, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $data) in /volume1/web/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/source/syntax.php on line 0

My DokuWiki is of Version 2018.04.22-0122. It is running on a Synology DS415+ with DSM 6.2.1. I use the package originally supplied by Synology.

Please give me Help.
schplurtz (Moderator) #2
Member since Nov 2009 · 497 posts · Location: France, Finistère
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The warnings are from the source plugin. These warnings should not prevent DW from functionning...
Anyway, try to disable the source plugin.

The "should be compatible" problem is a well known problem : The plugin is too old for
DokuWiki. There are updated files on the source plugin page :
Otherwise you can try to fix the plugin by yourself. Read

That said, I'm not sure that fixing the source plugin will fix your image problem.
krikrack #3
Member since Nov 2018 · 2 posts
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@schplurtz: GREAT! Thanks for the quick answer. Fixed the problem.

In fact, the source plugin seems to have an issue. Trying to update to the 2018-8-13 update ends up in an infinite status "update available". :-(

Now I will deactivate source plugin.

Best wishes
LarsDW223 #4
Member since Sep 2014 · 448 posts · Location: Paderborn
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@krikrack: it might need a refresh of the cache to get rid of the "update available" message (it shouldn't be required but I think I have seen that myself sometimes..
turnermm (Moderator) #5
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This happens when there is a conflict between the date in the file and the date posted on the plugin's page.  It appears to the extension manager that there is a more recent update when in fact there isn't.
Myron Turner
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