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Server Hardware Recommandations
Which Hardware to use for small/medium/large userbase
Marcao #1
User title: Markus
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Subject: Server Hardware Recommandations
Do you have experience with the needed hardware for:
small: lets say 10 users <200 pages, less edits more views
medium: 100 users <1000 pages, maybe some advanced databases, more plugins, frequent/simultanious editing
large : 1000 users more then 1000 pages

Any usecase would be very much appreciated, since i havent seen some Hardware recommendations for dokuwiki yet.

Things of interest could be:
OS/ Server Software
CPU, RAM, Harddrive Space/Typ
LAN Structure
Special Tweaks/enhancemends done in Dokuwiki
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Michaelsy #2
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Duplicated thread.
See answers:
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
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