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Editing section
roga #1
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Subject: Editing section

I have sometimes the Issue, when I like to edit a section, that the editor does not present my selected section. Instead it present the whole article from the beginning and with a notice that dokuwiki has detect a draftpage. My default editor is ckgedit.

Is anybody here who knows this issue?

arthurp #2
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A very similar issue happens to me pretty consistently on about 10% of my edits. It's infuriating, because if I don't notice it before saving, it causes duplicated text or possibly missing text. It also undermines my users' confidence that they can trust their content to a wiki.

As I understand it, what happens is that the start and end characters fetched into the edit window don't match the start and edit characters of the section requested. This can mean that partial words are fetched (usually before or after the actual start), or that entire extra sections are fetched (usually at the end). Sometimes no content at all is fetched.

Chrome 71.0.3578.98 (but I've seen this for years up to this point)
Windows 10 (but also previously with Windows 7)

DokuWiki Release 2018-04-22b "Greebo" (and previous versions)
ckgedit 2019-01-29 (and previous versions)

CentOS 7 with SELinux enforcing (but with readwrite access httpd_sys_rw_content_t applied to the entire docroot)
Apache 2.4.6-88.el7.centos
HTTPS-only configuration with dokuwiki installed to the root (not wiki/)
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schplurtz (Moderator) #3
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I don't think it is specific to ckgedit. What happens is this :

1) You are seeing  page
2) someone else (or even you, in another window) start to edit the same page (or a section of the page).
    DW stores a draft as soon as the person has typed a few chars.
    This edition is either left pending longer than the lock time, or the window is closed without saving.
    The draft remains
3) You now want to edit the page (or just a section of the page) you are seeing in 1)

=> DW warns you :
HUM, something changed, there is this draft, I load the whole page instead and you can choose what to do, discard or keep the draft.
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turnermm (Moderator) #4
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About Ckgedit

Several things can happen, depending on the sequencing of saves and opens.  To begin with, in ckgedit, if there is a draft file, a message is printed to the top of the screen:

This document has a draft file. The draft button toggles between the this document and the draft. You can edit and save either of the two.

This button is at the bottom of the editor and lets you load the draft into the editor, and then you can toggle back and forth between the two versions with any edits you may make to either of the versions.  When you are satisfied, you can then save the version currently in the window.
Myron Turner
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