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Template for Self-Registration Website
Set up new Wiki to allow self-registration
Vectorfunction15 #1
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Subject: Template for Self-Registration Website
I am new to DokuWiki, and I am looking for a template or plugin where I can create a new web site with the following functionality.  I tried searching, but really did not know where to readily find the answer.  This would be a public wiki that allows:
1.    Self-registration for a page or namespace.
2.    Registrant can set her/himself, or someone else, as administrator for the namespace or page, and allow others to self-register (and/or be registered manually) by the administrator for that namespace or page.
3.    Wiki main/welcome page Search function to search on key words within the individual namespaces.

Thanks for your help and leads on this.
Michaelsy #2
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If I understood you correctly there is an important limitation in DokuWiki, that makes it impossible to achieve your objective:

There is only one level of rights management.

What that means in detail:
  • There is a type of user called "superuser".
  • A single user or a group of users are superusers.
  • Superusers can assign access rights to all pages and all namespaces to all users, without an exception. That means a superuser has full access to the entire rights management and the user management.
  • A user is a superuser or not, that means there is no superuser with limited rights. The supersuper is the only type of user who has access to the rights management.
  • Any superuser can make all other users to a superuser or a non-superuser.

(A little redundant, but that perhaps makes it clearer.)

HTH - Michael Sy.

By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
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