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Cannot secure data folder
astyl #1
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Subject: Cannot secure data folder
Hey everyone!

So, if I keep .htaccess.dist name as is in the main folder, pages of the wiki (including logging out) return a 404 error, all while dokuwiki.txt remains accessible publicly.

If I rename it to .htaccess, the wiki functions normally, but dokuwiki.txt remains publicly accessible.

Here's my .htaccess file in main folder (the ones in other folders remain unchanged). Keep in mind, I played around with RewriteBase to no avail.
## You should disable Indexes and MultiViews either here or in the
## global config. Symlinks maybe needed for URL rewriting.
Options -Indexes -MultiViews +FollowSymLinks

## make sure nobody gets the htaccess, README, COPYING or VERSION files
<Files ~ "^([\._]ht|README$|VERSION$|COPYING$)">
    <IfModule mod_authz_host>
        Require all denied
    <IfModule !mod_authz_host>
        Order allow,deny
        Deny from all

## Don't allow access to git directories
<IfModule alias_module>
    RedirectMatch 404 /\.git

## Uncomment these rules if you want to have nice URLs using
## $conf['userewrite'] = 1 - not needed for rewrite mode 2
RewriteEngine on

RewriteRule ^_media/(.*)              lib/exe/fetch.php?media=$1  [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^_detail/(.*)             lib/exe/detail.php?media=$1  [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^_export/([^/]+)/(.*)     doku.php?do=export_$1&id=$2  [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^$                        doku.php  [L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}       !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}       !-d
RewriteRule (.*)                      doku.php?id=$1  [QSA,L]
RewriteRule ^index.php$               doku.php

## Not all installations will require the following line.  If you do,
## change "/dokuwiki" to the path to your dokuwiki directory relative
## to your document root.
RewriteBase /

## If you enable DokuWikis XML-RPC interface, you should consider to
## restrict access to it over HTTPS only! Uncomment the following two
## rules if your server setup allows HTTPS.
#RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
#RewriteRule ^lib/exe/xmlrpc.php$      https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

I am using nginx+apache with plesk 12 on linux, on a shared web hosting solution. The wiki is located in a subdomain (root: /
schplurtz (Moderator) #2
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Securing dokuwiki sensitive folders is handled by .htaccess files in data, bin, conf, vendor etc.. subdir. You did not change those files, that's good. As far as apache is concerned, if .htaccess files are allowed, your DW installation should be secured.

This brings the following questions :

Are you sure that .htaccess files are allowed by your configuration in these directories ?
Are you sure this is not nginx that serves the files ?

turnermm (Moderator) #3
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And if using apache, in your apache config file you must be sure to enable the use of .htacesss files:
<Directory "/your/html_directory">
    AllowOverride All
Myron Turner
plugins, templates:
Michaelsy #4
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In reply to post #1
Quote by astyl on 2019-01-15, 16:13:
So, if I keep .htaccess.dist name as is in the main folder, pages of the wiki (including logging out) return a 404 error,

I suspect the following cause:
If you deactivate your rewrite rules by renaming your ".htaccess" to ".htaccess.dist" you have to set also:
$conf['userewrite'] = 0
$conf['userewrite'] = 2

If this is set remaining:
$conf['userewrite'] = 1

you receive the 404 errors. Cause: The internal links are not created properly.

HTH - Michael Sy.
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
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