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Bureacracy Plugin text area formatting buttons
Formatting buttons or auto formatting for text area?
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Subject: Bureacracy Plugin text area formatting buttons
I've done a decent amount of googling for this, but as of yet, I have found nothing useful (it's entirely possible that my google-fu is just terrible though)....
I have a recipe template that contains two text areas for ingredients and directions, respectively. The issue that I run into is that when my wife or my mother input ingredients or directions, I have to go in behind them and format things.
Is there a way to add a toolbar with formatting buttons or a way to automatically format the text?
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i hope that i understood your question correctly.
...and your are not talking about the actual form fields or fields in a struct-db or individual words in a form field. in which cases my answer would be rather useless. ;)

depends on what kind of formatting you talking about. if you are happy with the formatting possiblities in the regular edit window (e.g. bold, italic, H1,...) you would do that formatting in your template.

have a look at Method 2 in the template mode of the plug-in (
where you hand over values via @@. just add the formatting you'd like in the template file.
e.g. **@@ingredient_A@@** for Sugar

Am currently also fiddling around with the bureaucracy plugin and struct myself. not sure, how well documented and widely used it is.
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