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File/media upload "Failed"
escapingUser #1
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Subject: File/media upload "Failed"
I currently run 2 locally hosted wikis, both on IIS. One of which is configured with single sign on for the domain.

Uploading images to the non-SSO wiki works just fine. I have no issues there.

However the one configured with SSO gives me no end of trouble. Sometimes image uploading works, sometimes it doesn't. Searching all the threads of people who have similar issues hasn't helped, my max upload size is fine. The files are small anyways.

My ACL is very liberal, anyone should be able to upload.

I don't even know where to look at this point.

I tried just manually adding the images to the media folder on the computer that's hosting the site but that was no good either. Dokuwiki complained and wouldn't recognise them.
pop (Moderator) #2
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A few simple things to check:

is png a recognized extension for media files? (try uploading jpg or pdf files)
does the namespace already contain files with those names? (be aware that Dokuwiki eliminates special characters and so on)
do the filenames contain funny characters?
are the png files intact?
what's the difference between the files that did upload and those that did not?
Michaelsy #3
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In reply to post #1
When manually uploading media files you have to consider the name restrictions of page names. Did you do this? Otherwise you cannot link to them / they are not "recognized" by DokuWiki. See also:
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
escapingUser #4
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In reply to post #2
Thanks for the replies guys.

png's are fine yeah. I get the same issues on jpg also (which most images on the site are.) Nothing corrupted about them or weird in their name. Usually the images are just saved from Snipping tool (the wikis are used for internal documentation), so haven't been through anything crazy.

Names are unique, and I get the same issue even if I select 'overwrite existing files'

As for the ones that do vs don't. Nothing. In fact usually a file that fails to upload one or twice or more may in fact work on the 3rd or 4th try. Or it may not. 

And Like I said the problems are only on the one which is configured for single sign on, so I'm thinking the problem is there.

Michaelsy: True, the files may have had capital letters or spaces in the names when manually adding them to the media directory. Will have to remember that in the future! Wish I didn't have to though, I'd rather just use the uploader.
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