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weird  disappearing data issue on syntax plugin.
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Subject: weird  disappearing data issue on syntax plugin.
Hi, I am new on DokuWiki.

I did some syntax plugin for my wiki based on a game. Unfortunately, There are much I don't understand yet.
I really don't know where to search for my issue.

The syntax plugins I am making is building template in consistency with the text I write in. The delimiter detection works fine.

My plugins seems to work at the first glance. Preview doesn't have any issue and when I save it for the first time it does not have any bug either.

However when I leave the page and come back on it, the data will sometime becomes "disappear" on some pages (not all), after some times (sometime the first time I come back on the page, sometime the next day?).
Only the variable transformed with the PHP syntax plugin disappear but the constant, non changing template is showed without issue. Furthermore, the default value works as well.

For a better look at what I am saying, here's one page of my wiki where data always disappear :

And here is one who should not have issue :

As you can see, ALL the data disappear and value in "MAX STATS" are equal to 0.
In the editor, the way it was written is the same too.

Last things you may want to know is :
I am not using SQL database (yet), which would resolve my issue, surely. But for some reason I won't implement it for the moment.
I am stocking my modified values in $match, I have trouble testing if it's the one making the bugs because of the inconsistency of the bug.

Thank you, in advance for any help :).
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