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features available?: filtering search results by tags, 3 panel layout?
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Subject: features available?: filtering search results by tags, 3 panel layout?
Hi all,
I'm new to dokuwiki, trying to see if it will work for my project. I've attached a mockup of what I'd like my site to look like. The overall workflow I'm trying to support is:

- A user searches for articles using a search bar or browses through one or more hierarchies (see L side of mockup).
- There are a couple of hierarchies on the left side (in my mockup see "by chief complaint" and "by organ/condition"). By clicking on any of those headings eg "CV", a list of articles with that tag results in the middle pane ("hypertension", "hyperlipidemia", etc). if one of those results is clicked, the article displays in the right pane.
- Search results are treated similarly with filtering/sorting

1. is there a way to browse through hierarchies of articles? is it possible to have multiple coexisting hierarchies based on tags?
2. is there a way to filter/sort search results by tags? is there a way to do search in a modern way (eg autocompletion/suggestion, dynamically updating results as you type?)
3. If dokuwiki isn't well suited for this, do you know of any other wiki/CMS platforms that would work better?

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