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nsexport Plugin -> template hook doesn't append "&do=nsexport"
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Subject: nsexport Plugin -> template hook doesn't append "&do=nsexport"
The nsexport Plugin works well on Raspbian and PHP 7.0.30.

The plugin documentation page at ends with a usage recommendation: A dokuwiki template extension creates a link for starting the installed nsexport plugin.

The template extension is described by following line:
<a href="<?php global $ID; wl($ID, array('do' => 'nsexport')) ?>">Export</a>

Normally, clicking the "Export" link should refer to an URL that is the actual page URL extended by '&do=nsexport'. The  '&do=nsexport' extension causes a plugin call to start an export of the chosen namespace's content.

Unfortunately, the "Export" link refers to an URL that is NOT extended by '&do=nsexport'. The  '&do=nsexport' extension has to be added manually into the browser's address line.

What is wrong with this PHP script embedded in the href attribute?

I created a 'pageheader.html' file with this HTML anchor link described above. The pageheader file is saved in the template directory. The script only creates the actual URL without appendix  '&do=nsexport'.

How can I fix this?

Best greetings & thanks for advice
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