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printed version dokuwiki
how to make a printed version of an online dokuwiki
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Subject: printed version dokuwiki
I have to use an online wiki by an extremely uncooperative software seller. The guy simply refuses to tell me how I can make, let alone get, a printed/paper version of his quite expensive software (no refunds!).

Perhaps I'm overlooking a very easy way to do this, but I cannot find it. On the other hand I can not imagine that the people who setup this wonderful wiki project would want such a simple need be so impossible to fulfill.

This is the location of the wiki:

I would be very grateful for any help, other than hours of making/printing screenshots ;)
User title: Scott Ferguson
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Dunno about "printed", but you could just siterip into your own DokuWiki, then use the dw2pdf plugin to create the basis of a dead tree version. wget doesn't seem able to do a recursive rip of the entire site, but there's not many pages so you could rip them individually, then manually move them/rename them to fix interlinks. You'll probably need to pull down images separately - all of which could be a breach of copyright (I'm not a lawyer). I suspect you have a lot of editing ahead of you - pagebreaks, images, index, page ordering etc.... could be why a publishable version is not free.

Example code:-
for i in "backlight_2_installation_setup getting_started_in_backlight_2 publish_albums_in_backlight_2 upgrading_from_backlight_to_backlight_2 upgrading_from_ce4_to_backlight_2 installing_add-ons_and_updates client_management metadata_tokens metadata_tokens_in_the_web-based_publisher multi-language_support preparing_image_files_for_the_web-based_publisher updating_order_details_for_backlight_2 using_phplugins_in_backlight_2 eula designer-templates-b2 designer-pages-b2 designer-menu-sets-b2 designer-contact-forms-b2 designer-writing-copy-b2 ttg_publisher_setup
<snipped a whole bunch of other links scraped from the sitemap page  ;-) >
preventing_hotlinking_of_images_by_external_sites retrieving_forgotten_passwords running_backlight_on_nginx_web_server using_phplugins working_with_backlight_s_search backlight_1_changelogs backing_up_backlight";do wget -E"$i" -l 0 --header="X-DokuWiki-Do: export_raw";done
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The most simple way might be to just use your browser's print function for each page on that wiki, punch holes in the pages, and then put them in a binder with a table of contents in the front.
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