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Form to create new pages with Bureaucracy and Tplinc
How to use the main page's namespace
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Subject: Form to create new pages with Bureaucracy and Tplinc

I made with Bureaucracy a form to help users to create a new page or new namespace under the current namespace :

action   template pagetemplates:page ".:@@Nom de la nouvelle page : @@"

fieldset "Créer une nouvelle page dans cette rubrique"
textbox  "Nom de la nouvelle page : "
submit   "Créer la page"

action   template pagetemplates:categorie ".:@@Nom de la nouvelle rubrique : @@:start"

fieldset "Créer une nouvelle sous-rubrique"
textbox  "Nom de la nouvelle rubrique : "
submit   "Créer la rubrique"

Now i'd like to use Tplinc to put this form in the bottom of each namespace's start page.

So I've createt a page with my form, which I call with the Tplinc plugin :

Pattern : /start$/
Page : pagetemplates:lien_nouveau_contenu
Location : At the bottom inside the content box

The trouble is it doesn't create the new page or namespace under the current namespace, but in the pagetemplates namespace.

Did I miss something ? Or do you have an idea of another solution ?

Thanks !
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