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Unable to upload mp4 files through media manager
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Subject: Unable to upload mp4 files through media manager
I have the filelisting plugin and dropfiles plugin installed on the newest version of DokuWiki. When I try to drag and drop a mp4 file that is 32meg it shows a progress bar, but it is grey. When I do a pdf file it has a progress bar that is green. It does not give me any errors when trying to do a drag and drop of mp4 files it just never seems to turn green and the mp4 file never shows up. I have tried to upload the mp4 file through Media Manager and I am getting an error below:

37.8MB Failed
Upload max. 256 MB per file.

I have checked php.ini file and it has file_uploads = On and upload_max_filesize = 256M and post_max_size = 256M and the mp4 file is only 32mb so it does not seem to be a php issue. I am running Windows Server 2016 and have IIS installed and running the dokuwiki. I can copy the mp4 file through windows explorer and the file shows up in the list of files in media manager with the date and file size. So, it does not seem to be a windows issue. Just seems to be a issue with DokuWiki not allowing mp4 files. I looked at the mime.conf file and it has mp4     video/mp4 so it does not seem to be issue with this. Not sure what else to try or what else could be causing it to fail. If any one has any ideals or suggestions, please let me know. Trying to upload a bunch of training videos but does not seem to work through DokuWiki. Yes, I can upload them through windows explorer, but I don’t want to give people access to the do this through windows explorer I want them to use DokuWiki to upload the files. Any ideals or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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