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Greetings from Toronto, ON
tJ3l33s #1
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Subject: Greetings from Toronto, ON
Hello all,

My name is Peter, and I’m a DokuWiki newbie.  I’m working with a firm to help them consolidate their user documentation for a software product they’ve developed and are enhancing.  I prototyped the concept of the wiki for them by using over forty MS Word documents from an old version of their software.

I’ve made use of DokuWiki’s online documentation, which has helped me immensely.  Where I still had questions, Google linked me to articles on various sites and to posts in this forum.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and, above all, patience with questions I may ask.

FosseWay #2
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As a fellow Canadian and DokuWiki enthusiast: welcome to DokuWiki.

While the community around DokuWiki might not be as big as that around a giant project like MediaWiki, that has some definite upsides. For instance, over the years, I've found that very experienced people (including DokuWiki supremo andi) have directly answered good questions and given invaluable insight to me and others. If you have the patience to craft a wiki prototype using 40 Word documents(!!!), using and administering an actual DokuWiki instance should a breeze by comparison  :-)

Since you're already reading documentation and using google, any remaining questions you have will probably be good ones. Good luck with your wiki.
tJ3l33s #3
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Thank you, FosseWay!

I'm trying to keep the wiki as simple as possible.  My questions will be of the "how to" variety.  There are times when I know what I want to do, but given the rich environment of DW, I get overwhelmed.  If I had an infinite amount of time, I would wrestle with the issues at hand until they were resolved, but I don't have that luxury.

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