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Extension Manager Improvements
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pop (Moderator) #16
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In reply to post ID 66073
Quote by bobaroo:
the arguably non-intuitive nature of the software.

I wish you good luck and I suggest looking for another software that better covers your needs.

You call yourself a newby and yet you feel you have to criticize the software and the many makers, most of whom created this software free of charge. You accuse their work of not being state of the art.

Still, in your first post you mention the Extension Manager, so you seem to have been able to locate this. But when I tell you to open Configuration Settings, which is on the same Admin page and just one line below the Extension Manager, you complain about incomplete directions.

I don't believe you will profit much from this software and not from any advice received here.

I will not waste my or your time any more by contributing to this thread.

I apologize to the fine folk who run this valuable forum for letting this thread escalate that far. I am truly sorry.
Michaelsy #17
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I completely agree with pop.
By a few eurons can be fed into the code phasers of
the DokuWiki engine. Besides, Andi's posts are worth reading.
bobaroo (Former member) #18
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pop, I attempted to follow your directions.  On the main page of my wiki I was able to select the Admin button at the top of the page.  I then scrolled down to the "Links" section as you directed.  Once there I found the various links options with blanks following them.

As you know, I would want to make sure that any links open automatically in a new tab.  What exactly would one type into the blank provided?  I didn't find any option just related to  The software appears to assume that the user desires to lump help-related info into all external links.  Sorry for being confused.

By the way, what happened to you since your last post and what I assumed was a change in attitude so as to remain friends?  I do clearly see that you  do not know my meaning at all, so I am confused as to why you stick with the idea that you know what others are thinking.  Why not try assuming the best?
bobaroo (Former member) #19
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In reply to post #17
Michaelsy, do you believe that your last post somehow helps this topic?  Also, do you believe that your use of acronyms unfamiliar to others are somehow helpful to others?
andi (Administrator) #20
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I'm closing this topic. The initial question has been answered.

OP if you need help with other tasks, feel free to open a new thread. As a word of advise: I would avoid words like "flaw" or "disgust" or using sarcasm in replies in the future and you will notice that answers are much nicer, too ;-)
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
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