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filelist help
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Subject: filelist help
Hi all, I'd like to know whether it is possible to list files in the current page by using the filelist plugin.

By writing something like this I get a file list with every file in the namespace that contains the page: {{filelist>* &recursive=1 &style=page }}

As I understand, this is expected behaviour. However, there seems to be no general way of refering to the current page as a namespace (i.e. to list all files attached only to the current page, and not to the other pages in the parent namespace of the current page).

I was thinking of using the imgpaste plugin to attach pasted images to the current page. I managed to do this with the following "filename" configuration of that plugin: @ID@:%Y%m%d-%H%M%S

I dont't mind specifying the page manually to get what I want: {{filelist>myPageName:* &recursive=1 &style=page }}
But if there is a way to avoid it I'd like to know.

¿Is it possible to refer to the current page with a symbol within the filelist command?
Something that works as "." in linux for the current directory (in contrast to ".." for the parent directory).
FosseWay #2
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Let's say you have a namespace:
which contains three pages:

Maybe I'm not understanding you correctly, but I think you want to list only those files which are attached to the page

The problem I see with that is that media objects exist within a namespace, rather than being attached to a single page.

Perhaps I should ask: how are you defining "attached to a single page"? Do you mean media items which are displayed on a particular page?
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