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jpeg as link instead of picture? access files without mediamanager
mr jagman #1
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Subject: jpeg as link instead of picture? access files without mediamanager

I am looking into possibility to use dokuwiki as a dokument management/access system. Few questions if someone know answers .. searched a while (forum / google) but no help.

1. we have jpg images that we wish to show as filename.jpg link instead of picture. Is it possible (how) or impossible to do? we do wish to show other jpg images as images.

Why? There are invoices related to the subject of given page. these files must be accessible through wiki and specific subject page. IF each A4 invoice is shown as picture it will swamp the page by making it too long (+ load time).

2. is it possible or impossible to upload files and build up wikipages WITHOUT manually loading each file through media manager?

Why? we have loads of directories and files. we have a plan on how to automate the generation of pages. IF WE MUST use mediamanager to upload each file before dokuwiki can use it .. it will mean a ton of manual labor (+ increased risk of errors and typos) and will likely kill the project.

thank you for taking time to read this and advice wiki-newbie.
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cziehr #2
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1. If you type

{{:namespace:image.jpg?linkonly|Text for the link.}}

only the link to the image is shown, but not the image itself, as you desired.

2. It is possible to save pages and media files directly into DokuWikis data-directory. But you should take care about a few restrictations:
Filenames must not have uppercase chars, whitespaces or other special chars like german umlauts.
Be aware that it can take some time until the external added pages are indexed by the search function if you add a big amount of new pages. The searchindex-plugin can help in this situation.
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