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Todo.txt in Dokuwiki?
Helge19 #1
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Subject: Todo.txt in Dokuwiki?
Hello everyone,

Since I‘m playing around with a bunch of different todo, task and Kanban tools to find a good todo management, I was wondering, it if is possible to include todo.txt Filmformat and markup in dokuwiki.
I like the do and todo plugins, but the syntax writing just eats up important time if used very often and it is just one more source of problems and errors. Since the todotxt solution already offers great options with @context and +project, in addition to priorizing (a), (b), ... which just make it awesome to sort and manage todos, I was curious if anyone ever tried to combine todo.txt with dokuwiki - it just seems like meant to be for each other, txt based etc :)
ach (Administrator) #2
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A link would be helpful for everyone who don't know what that is. I didn't know, googled, found this:
It's a special markup to write todo lists.
jpvalois #3
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In reply to post #1
Hello Helge19,

I also feel that the "" syntax would make for a nice addition to DokuWiki. Perhaps a few tweaks to the existing todo plugin could do the trick (it's already compatible with most of the todo.txt notions).

To me, the todo plugin's capacity to categorize (tag) items is the main reason why I even use Dokuwiki at all. It's a bit like a light CRM activity tracker: this way, I can see which tasks were done by project, by date, by activity type (etc). For this, the todo plugin is indispensable.

As for the syntax, perhaps simple line items enclosed by a tag would do the trick :

(A) Call Mom @Phone +Family
(A) Schedule annual checkup +Health
(B) Outline chapter 5 +Novel @Computer
(C) Add cover sheets @Office +TPSReports
Plan backyard herb garden @Home
Pick up milk @GroceryStore
Research self-publishing services +Novel @Computer
x Download Todo.txt mobile app @Phone

Currently, my typical todo items look like this :

<todo @20200225 @projectA @marketing @call>Spoke to Helge about project promotion.</todo>
<todo @20200226 @admin>Tried to figure out how to implement my time sheet in Doku.</todo>
<todo @20200227 @projectA @projectB>Spoke to Karla about both her projects and their status.</todo>
<todo @20200228 @promo @event>Attended event on student entrepreneurship.</todo>

Elsewhere in my wiki, I then generate lists of what I did per date, per project, per activity type, etc.

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