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Problems trying epub plugin
aubreyb #1
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Subject: Problems trying epub plugin
Just trying this which looks very promising

a) Installed the plugin
b) Created a page http://localhost:8800/doku.php?id=epub:mybook
c) Put the following in that page


d) saved page and pressed button

That yields only this error (on the page)

processed: car:disk_electronic
Using LESS: css3.php
A fatal error occured during compilation of the CSS files. If you recently installed a new plugin or template it might be broken and you should try disabling it again. [variable @ini_link is undefined: failed at `color: @ini_link;`  in /lib/plugins/move/style.less at line 73]

It seems independent of which page I choose.

I am using the bootstrap3 template if that makes a difference.

An epub is created at X:\Sync\DokuWikiStick\dokuwiki\data\meta\epub\aubreyb\17b671eb881c2ccf766534afb7730576\my-book.epub
but this is not openable (by Sigl for example)

It may have something to do with and -- but I'm not sure why epub would be invoking the move plugin anyway which is mnot listed as a dependency??

Not at all sure where to go from here. Help much appreciated.

as an aside can I ask why the epub output discussed in the plugin page as an example

is not openable in Microsoft Edge. In Sigl it does open but with an error.
Obviously Edge is not  gold standard epub reader, but it is likely to become the route to opening for many people especially when on the web.
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aubreyb #2
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Update: The problem with epub is resolved by updating the bootstrap3 template to the latest version (the links above give a hint as to why that might be the case).

The produced epub loads nicely in Edge and in Sigl without error. So far so great.
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turnermm (Moderator) #3
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The faulty sample epub has been replaced:
The problem with the original sample is that the one of the pages referenced in the markup had been deleted when I rebuilt the ebook.  This didn't show up as a problem in either Firefox or Calibre.  I'll have to look into this.
Myron Turner
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