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Tab stop problem
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Subject: Tab stop problem
Hello everyone,

I'm new here thanks to let me in ! :)

I come to you because I encounter a simple but atypical syntax problem.
When I write a new page (with the basic Template and little Plug-in so under totally normal syntax conditions)

I very often use the tags <code> (who keep my syntax like writted) but when I want to use tabs to organize my information, my cursor moves into the next text fields so I'd like it to create space in my text (as on word or OoWriter).

Exemple of what i want to do:

Text:                text
Text scond time:    text
blabla:            text   < with tagstops instead of space, these 3 "text" will be aligned
         3 Tagstop here (not spaces)

I know it's not necessarily a normal use but I'm constantly copying paste tab sets to organize my data cleanly (without necessarily creating columns or tables that in my case take too long to create).

i precise that my tab stop work, but i need to copy paste them all the time.

I have already try to make macro with some soft (Clavier+in french) to insert it as my copy paste but it does not work.

I do not know if you have understood my request, if you need more information do not hesitate to ask me. I use Internet Explorer 11 and my Doku is hosted on an Ubuntu 14 (Apache).
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