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Reducing overall javascript load size to make dokuwiki faster (leightweightscript plugin)
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Subject: Reducing overall javascript load size to make dokuwiki faster (leightweightscript plugin)
The issue around dokuwiki, javascript size, and load time has been discussed before ( and led to some interesting discussion... I have a dokuwiki that is read-only, and I am the only editor. I have about 5000 views/month and found my dokuwiki's load time is slowing down due to having quite a few plugins and the increased traffic.

When I test my install on , it seems the majority of the speed issues are due to the loading of exe/js.php. The js.php file ends up being a render-blocking resource that can add several seconds to the page load time.

I found the leightweightscript plugin ( seems to address this issue by loading only the necessary js files for read-only users, and only loading additional admin/editor level js when logged in. But when I install this plugin, it doesn't seem to work, and the full javascript remains loaded for all users.

I am running Greebo, using bootstrap3, cache has been purged, file names and plugin folders are correct...

This plugin also has very little documentation...  :-/ I figured it might be a plugin issue, and I took a look through the code and can't figure out what might be going on... Does anyone know what might be wrong with this plugin?

Or better yet, anyone have any other suggestions on reducing javascript load for dokuwiki?

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