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bureaucracy - save form in dokuwiki
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Subject: bureaucracy - save form in dokuwiki

I try to save a filled form, but it doesnt work.

I create a file in the filesystem under "../data/pages/" for example 67567567567567.txt with the form (later this should be scripted), then I fill this form with dokuwiki. Now, this form should be saved under the pagename "67567567567567", but how?

I try:

action template - 67567567567567

The error: "Could not read template "". Maybe it doesn't exist or you have no read permissions?.


action template userstpl 76786786786

but it does not save the complete form.

All permissions are right, the files and paths are writeable for www-data.

Any ideas?
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hj #2
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In your dokuwiki Admin, open Access Control Lists.  Make sure your users (whatever group is submitting your forms) have UPLOAD permissions for the namespace to which you are sending the submissions.

I don't know what your file/folder structure is like, but I traced my similar problem to my user group not having UPLOAD permissions to the namespace where my form submissions are held.
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