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$auth preventing upload
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Subject: $auth preventing upload
Windows 10 64-bit build 1903
Current DokuWiki Greebo
Xampp current 7.3.8

I am the only user on my DokuWiki. Both admin and user.
ACL list says that all my namespaces are admin privileged.

I go and try to upload an image file and I get back the "Sorry you don't have enough rights to upload" error.
Foobar. This was all working fine the day before.

Tried using both the picture icon in the toolbar and Media Manager.

So I turned off debug mode and all of a sudden, I can now upload images. I flipped it back on and can upload images.

Looking at the code, there are two places where this error message is output:

define('AUTH_UPLOAD', 8);

function media_metaform($id,$auth){
    global $lang;

    if($auth < AUTH_UPLOAD) {
        echo '<div class="nothing">'.$lang['media_perm_upload'].'</div>'.NL;
        return false;

function media_uploadform($ns, $auth, $fullscreen = false){
    global $lang;
    global $conf;
    global $INPUT;

    if($auth < AUTH_UPLOAD) {
        echo '<div class="nothing">'.$lang['media_perm_upload'].'</div>'.NL;

In both cases, $auth is the source of the problem as both sections check against a constant. $auth is unreliable and something is hosing it. The question is where is it getting hosed. DokuWiki? XAmpp? Something is not right here.
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