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Largest Dokuwikis
Some fun stats
StarArmy #1
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Subject: Largest Dokuwikis
I was playing around again with the popularity plugin and decided to grab an output of all the page_count of wikis that report stats and then I sorted them in Excel to get a list from largest to smallest. Here's what I found (data as of about now):

Largest Dokuwikis by Page Count

1. 743,926 pages (what is this huge wiki??)
2. 310,693 pages
3. 251,657 pages
4. 244,232 pages
5. 239,002 pages
6. 237,986 pages
7. 236,180 pages
8. 235,083 pages
9. 186,154 pages
10. 178,109 pages

Total wikis with over 100,000 pages: 24

Total wikis with over 50,000 pages: 59

Total wikis with over 25,000 pages: 130

Total wikis with over 10k pages: 254

Total wikis with over 5k pages: 453

Total wikis with 1k pages or more: 1372

Total wikis with 100 pages or more: 2236

These stats don't account for wikis that have the exact same numbers of pages (tied ranking) so they probably are less accurate as the numbers decrease.

I also found out that my wiki ranks: 215th largest wiki (haha). I wish the popularity plugin would say something like "Your wiki is the 215th largest Dokuwiki by page count" when you submitted.
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MartinR #2
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Of course this only lists those DWs that actually report data.  Some of the bigger DWs may be behind firewalls or air gaps.
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