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[SOLVED] Remove bracket in footnote marks
Mortadelo #1
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Subject: [SOLVED] Remove bracket in footnote marks
Hello, mates.

It's my first post here... I hope I'll participate in this forum as often as possible. btw, I'm not an english speaker, so excuse me if I can't explain myself with accuracy.

My doubt is in regards to the style for footnotes marks. In fact, not exactly the style, but the text that is shown for them in the wiki pages.

I've started using DokuWiki, and  I've created my own template from a copy of the default template. I've read almost all the documentation and tips, studied the sources and practiced with a lot of examples. More or less, I think that I've learnt how to configure most of the configurable features (in regards to appearece or styles). But... I don't know how to remove that ")" (right bracket) in the footnotes marks. And I would like to do that. I've spent hours reading and searching for an advice, without success.

So that, please, could someone here explain me how I could do it?

Thanks in advance.
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Wolfgang_F. #2
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I removed that bracket in my wiki.

You will have to edit the file "inc/parser/xhtml.php"
Look for "function document_end()" - somewhere around line 50
In this function you will find

$this->doc .= $id.') </a> '.DOKU_LF;
and some lines below
$this->doc .= ($ref+1).')</a>  '.DOKU_LF;

Just delete the right bracket before "</a>"

and  - if you don't like the footnote-bracket inside your text - look for "function footnote_close()" - around line 274
here you will find
$this->doc .= '<a href="#fn__'.$id.'" name="fnt__'.$id.'" id="fnt__'.$id.'" class="fn_top">'.$id.')</a>';
just delete the right bracket before "</a>" again.

It's some time ago, that I made these changes, but I think that was all, what I did to remove the bracket.

Mortadelo #3
Member since Feb 2008 · 2 posts
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Thanks sincerely for such detailed explanation, Wolfgang.

I got it removed, at last :) I wanted to do that because I was trying to define thin boxes around the footnotes marks (playing with the CSS files) but I was going mad trying to find where inside the code were those parentheses defined.

Here you've an example of the final result:


Thanks again, and regards.
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