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Dokuwiki powered websites
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Well, the #1 most obvious thing is designing with a mobile-first philosophy. Statistically most people are visiting sites with their phones these days. Probably some high-speed fonts for that "new" look and a nice header. Overall look would be something like Google's material design. Support light and dark mode preferences declared by browsers. For the sidebar and/or controls we could have them on a flyout that slides in from the side (like this on a phone or a narrow width window ). We'd use the now-common "menu" icon (three horizontal bars) for that. For editable pages we could have a floating pencil icon in the bottom right corner. Anything we can do with AJAX animations instead of reloading the entire page is probably a good thing.

Other ideas: Add and alerts system and add push notifications as a subscription option for users to get alerts on the bar at the top of their phone. Add the move plugin into the bundled plugins (it's way more useful than, say, WRAP). Also it would be a good idea to create a survey both to gather ideas and to create buzz in development. Finally find out what's popular on collaborative/community websites and make auth plugins (or guides on how to use AuthPDO with those specific softwares) for them and position/market Dokuwiki as a useful partner to those things (e.g. Xenforo, Woltlab, etc). Integration is a big deal these days and people want something that's going to play nice with their other platforms.
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