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ckedit - fckeditor  errors on update
rgleason #1
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Subject: ckedit - fckeditor  errors on update
Myron is there something I can/should do?  Thanks.

Plugin ckgedit updated successfully
Unable to create image link: /home/szlhykiz/public_html/wiki/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles/image
Unable to create file link: /home/szlhykiz/public_html/wiki/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles/file
There was an error when trying to create symbolic links in /home/szlhykiz/public_html/wiki/dokuwiki/lib/plugins/ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles/
turnermm (Moderator) #2
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If you still have access to your media files, then you can ignore the warnings.

If not, then first check that ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles is writable by the web server.  If it is, then it's possible that for some reason you have directories or files by the same names in the userfiles directory.  If your wiki is on a unix machine or you are using the nix_style option on a windows machine,  remove the files/directories by the same names from userfiles and create new symbolic links to the media directory in userfiles. 
    llnk -s <path to  your media directory> image
    llnk -s <path to  your media directory> file

If you can't do that, then go to data/meta/fckl and delete the file named symchk.meta and then reinstall ckgedit.

If your wiki is on a unix machine and the above solutions fail, or if you are on a windows machine, then go to the ckgedit configuration options in the configuration manager and select the winstyle option.
Myron Turner
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