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[Solved] Locked myself out by enabling Oauth plugin
I forgot to enable logging in by google on the admin account before I changed auth methods.
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Subject: [Solved] Locked myself out by enabling Oauth plugin
After a bit of fumbling I finally enabled the oauth plugin. My organization (who I'm setting up the wiki for) uses GSuite and we wanted to make it the only way to log in. I got it working, and now new users are able to quickly sign in uses oauth and their work google account. Unfortunately, my work email account was tied to the admin account from before I used the oauth plugin.

I made the mistake of not enabling google login for my own account before I swapped over to oauth. Now, when I try to login using oauth I get to the google account selection page, select my account, and am redirected back to our homepage with the following error message at the top of the page:

The account associated with your email address has not enabled logging in with Google. Please login by other means and enable it in your profile.

Unfortunately the only login option now is with Google. The correct email is associated with the admin account--I just need to be able to log in once to tick that box! Any help is greatly appreciated! Also, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post. I'll happily take any redirection suggestions.
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I don't know oauth (yet). Perhaps, you could revert to the standard user/password auth, tick that box and go back to oauth ?
find the file conf/local.php. edit this file and remove the line that reads
$conf['authtype']= something
This will revert to the standard DW user/password authentication method.

Another solution could be to use a working account as superuser, modify your account and set your account back as the admin account. See
eligaultney #3
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You're the best!

That totally worked. For anyone else who searches for the error message and has done a similar thing I followed schplurtz's advice to remove (or in my cautious case, comment out) the
$conf['authtype']= oauth
line and I was able to log back in with my usual credentials. I then changed Oauth's configuration panel (in the configuration page section of the admin panel) to "Allow All Services". At this point I was able to go to my account profile and tick the box for allowing login with google. Now I can go back and change the Oauth setting back to login with only the single service (Google, in my case) and I'm good to go.
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