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Generate a "share" link for a closed wiki?
billpg #1
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Subject: Generate a "share" link for a closed wiki?
Hi everyone. I use dokuwiki as a private notepad.

I'd like to be able to share a single page with someone, but the workflow is tricky. I have to know their email address, create a user, wait for them to get the password notification, then separately send them the link to the page I'd like them to look at. If there are other pages I want to keep private, I need to go to the effort to set up access rights.

What I'd like to do is click on a "Share This Page" button, which produces a new link I can send to my contact directly. That link would have an ID embedded that enables whoever uses the link to bypass the login, but only allowing them to see that one page (and any embedded resources.)

Is there a plugin that will do this please? I've tried searching but I really don't know what to search for.

Peeking behind the curtainingly, Bill.
MartinR #2
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Try using
$ wget -rk <url>
This generates a directory tree with a copy of the page in.  It's your tree, you can set the permissions how you like, but remember that it will be Apache that is accessing it, not the remote user.

To test I made a copy of start » user » wikipedia_pages_to_work_on.  The URL is visible on the browser as http://localhost/dokuwiki/doku.…?id=user:wikipedia_pages…:
$ wget -rk http://localhost/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=user:wikipedia_pages_to_work_on
$ chmod -R 755 localhost
$ sudo ln -s <user-home-dir>/localhost/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=user:wikipedia_pages_to_work_on /srv/www/html/PageForBill

The URL /srv/www/html/PageForBill will then open in any browser.
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