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Editing bootstrap3 template to allow larger logos
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Subject: Editing bootstrap3 template to allow larger logos
I've been trying to insert a 171px x 60px logo into the images/logo.png location. This is larger than the 32px allowance that seems to be embedded into the template. I tried to modify line 32 of navbar.php with:

$logo_size = 'height="60"';

but this doesn't seem to solve the issue, which is that the image is not centred on the top navbar.


I have tried to play with the tpl/navbar.php snippet

                    '<img src="'.$logo.'" alt="'.$title.'" class="pull-left'.(($tagline) ? ' dw-logo-tagline' : '').'" id="dw__logo" '.$logo_size.' />
                    <span id="dw__title" '.($tagline ? 'style="margin-top:-5px"': '').'>'. $title . $tagline .'</span>',
                    'accesskey="h" title="[H]" class="navbar-brand"'

but to be honest I do not understand what this section of code is doing.

Part of the difficulty is that the CSS uses LESS and I'm not very familiar with that structure. I've tried to use Inspect mode on my browser to track down the issue.

Could it be something like defining a float or absolute position for the image somehow?

The template code can be found at this Github link:
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