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Create group and add AD users
tabbi #1
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Subject: Create group and add AD users
Hello! i have Dokuwiki with AD integration
my conf is here

$conf['title'] = '';
$conf['lang'] = 'ru';
$conf['template'] = 'sprintdoc';
$conf['license'] = '';
$conf['useacl'] = 1;
$conf['superuser'] = '@admin';
$conf['disableactions'] = 'register';
$conf['proxy']['user'] = 'superuser';
$conf['proxy']['pass'] = '<b>dfdsfasadf';
$conf['authtype'] = 'authad';
$conf['plugin']['authad']['account_suffix'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authad']['base_dn'] = 'DC=dc,DC=com';
$conf['plugin']['authad']['domain_controllers'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authad']['debug'] = 1;
$conf['superuser'] = '@wm_wiki_a';
$conf['plugin']['authad']['recursive_groups'] = '1';
// end auto-generated content

And auhentication against AD works fine, users can login into Dokuwiki using their AD Accounts, but how to list this users and bulk copy  them to some groups?

For now when i switch authentication to AD, i can only add permission to User context, i cannot add AD user to internal ACL group, and i have +200 user accounts so running this scenario manualy is a nightmare.
Or i need to create groups in AD? And if i create groups in AD how can i add permissions to this groups?
cziehr #2
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I don‘t know if I‘ve understood your problem correctly, but you can create individual groups in DokuWiki from your ad-users by using the virtualgroup-plugin:

Also, you can use ad-groups directly in the acl-manager.
Please notice that groups maybe are named a bit different from the names in your ad (only lowercase characters, no whitespaces, ...).
The best is to search a user which is in an ad-group you want to use in the user-manager. There you will see how the ad-group is named in DokuWiki.
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