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Impossible to migrate.. from to
julian70400 #1
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Subject: Impossible to migrate.. from to

My wiki is.. down.

I was migrating Dokuwiki from server A to server B, through I had also to modify URL.

I backuped my files, put them on the new server, set the new url. Everything seemed to be Ok. I did nothing else.

But when I tryed to modify my nginx configuration to use Content Security Policy, with img-src, I saw no image on the new wiki.. Did not understand why until I checked the console log : all urls of the images are still pointing to instead of the new url which is

I had a look to your server move FAQ, and I saw I "just" have to save a new time the configuration.
I did it and.. it brake everything (mainly the template).. and also, I still have references to my old url in my files.

==>I tryed to force baseurl and basedir with the new url, but still same problem..

Mainly, all corrupted files with old url are in /data/pages and /data/cache and ../meta
==> I tryed to sed dev1 by dev2 in each files, same problem..

==> tryed to desactivate all plugins, same

==> tryed to reinstall bootstrap3 them, same (anyway, even the original theme seem to be broken)

==> cleared my browser cache x times.. same

Here is an exemple of the problem, the template is totally fu***up (I am in the configuration menu, with bootstrap3 and yeti theme) :


So, what now ? What can I do to migrate restore my new Dokuwiki (because I wrote a lot of things between migration and now..) ?

Is there a where to migrate Dokuwiki safely through modifying also URL or it's not possible ?

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Member since Nov 2019 · 2 posts
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Ok guys, as I am found solution, I share..

The main problem was for security reasons, I disabled parse_ini_file function in my php.ini.

Even if I enable it again, problemis still the same.. normal : I had to remove everything in /data/cache/

After purging also my cache on browser side, I tryed it again and everything worked like a f* charm.
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