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Updating a hopelessly outdated installation (Angua)
smcdonough #1
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Subject: Updating a hopelessly outdated installation (Angua)
My current installation of Docuwiki is running the 2012-01-25b release (Aguna) on a Debian Linux 7 machine installed from Turnkey Linux.

I'm hoping to update it to the latest and greatest version, but it occurs to me that it might be faster to export the current wiki data and create a whole new server.

Are there any guides to doing a whole wiki export and import, or would it be easier to do an in place upgrade?
cziehr #2
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An inplace upgrade should work and should be easier.

Do you know ?

If you have installed your DokuWiki from the package manager of your linux distro, you should do a fresh install. DokuWikis which are installed by package managers can cause problems, because files and folders are in different directories on the whole harddisk.
schplurtz (Moderator) #3
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Debian 7 wheezy came with php 5.4. You need at least 5.6 for Greebo, the current DokuWiki version. So, before you can upgrade DokuWiki, you'll have to upgrade php. In order to upgrade PHP you'll have to upgrade your debian system, and there is little point in upgrading only to debian 8 which is itself outdated. So you'll have to go the long way to Debian 10. It could be quicker to install a brand new linux based on current turnkey.

There is this backup doc ...

Now, current turnkey has latest DokuWiki in /var/www/dokuwiki, data and DW engine. Assuming that your 2012 turnkey also has everything in /var/www/dokuwiki, here is what you could do :

  • install a new, current turnkey. and (eventually) upgrade the system to debian 10
  • transfer all the data from the old system to the new one. something like this should do it (run as root on the new turnkey):
   rsync -a --delete -v root@oldturnkey.your.domain:/var/www/dokuwiki/data/. /var/www/dokuwiki/data/.
  • transfer /var/www/dokuwiki/conf/users.auth.php and /var/www/dokuwiki/conf/acl.auth.php
  • maybe transfer /var/www/dokuwiki/conf/local.php, but inspect the file and remove anything that could obviously not work on the new
system such as ip address, urls, authentication mechanisim....
  • manually adjust the settings and install the plugins you need
  • switch the old turnkey off, adjust network settings on the new one, reboot, enjoy.

Downtime is very short (the time to adjust network settings and one reboot) and you have all the time you need to setup your new DokuWiki.
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smcdonough #4
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I got it working! I'm documenting it here since this thread is now the fourth thing showing up on Google  when you search "export docuwiki data Angua."

0. Create a new server from Turnkey.

1. Backup your site data from your old server, as described here. I found my data in /var/lib/dokuwiki.

2. Copy your backup from your old server to your new one.
scp username@oldserver:/path/to/data /new/data/location

3. Unpack your data, and individually copy the directories to the corresponding directories on the new server (in my case /var/www/dokuwiki. I found the webmin (https://dokuwikiIPaddress:12321) to be extremely helpful in this regard.

4. Clear your site cookies and test the start page to see if everything leads where it should.

5. Clear out the unneeded files from the previous installation.

6. Redirect your DNS or change the IP adress of the new server, if you're reusing the name or IP address.

The only problem I've run into is that I broke the admin page. I'll copy another one from a different install and see if that doesn't fix the issue. Thanks for the help. I couldn't have done it without you.
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