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Nearing my skill ceiling - helping teachers share lessons
I've been building a site for teachers to share their lessons/unit plans. I would really appreciate some help.
mrwills #1
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Subject: Nearing my skill ceiling - helping teachers share lessons
Kia ora from New Zealand.
My name is Peter. I'm a teacher in Auckland, New Zealand.

I've been building a site with Dokuwiki for a while to help new teachers have access to lesson plans, unit plans, and resources shared by other teachers.
The site is
You can find some examples of the lessons on the site here

The site has evolved over time and I'm reaching the limit of what I can achieve with my limited skillset.
I'm currently preparing my 2020 classes as we start in the last week of January 8-( .
The biggest issue I've been having is how to restrict who can edit which pages.
I showed the site to a spanish teacher earlier this year who broke the entire languages page by accidentily deleting it.
Big whoops on my part.

I'm certain this year will pose many challenges but if anyone is keen on helping out with an education project, I'd really appreciate your time and input.

Kind regards,
MartinR #2
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Nice site.  If it helps, I've attached a brief help note on ACLs.  It's DW formatted, so just load it somewhere and have a read.

It sounds as though you need to develop a layered strategy.  You have total outsiders (@ALL) who should have read-only or no access.  You have yourself and admin staff (if any) who need total access.  In between you have your teachers who need to be categorised.  Do you want subject teachers to be able to modify their own subject?  For instance can all chemistry teachers modify "Carry out a quantitative analysis"?  From your comment about the Spanish teacher I'd guess not.

Tentatively may I suggest the following:

Top level:
  • @ALL - read access
  • @admin - edit access
  • mrwills - full access
  • @admin - full access
  • @science - create access
Carry out a quantitative analysis:
  • @science - read only
  • <creating user> - edit access
  • @admin - full access

Looking at this the other way:
@ALL can read anything but do nothing.
mrwills is a superman!
@admin (if needed).  Can read anything and can modify top level pages (which includes deleting - beware).  Can do anything within project space.
@science teachers can create and modify pages within their subject areas.
<creating user> can modify the page they created.

Repeated entries
The ACL is evaluated is a series of stages from the actual page outwards to thee global settings.  The most liberal match at any level is taken as the result.  If you are a member of @admin and @science for example, then the page allows read only access to @science but full access to @admin.  If the last line were not present you would only get read access, even though you have full access at the project level.  Be careful of this, if you belong to multiple groups it is easy to lock yourself out of a particular project or file. :blush:

Just a couple more points:
1) You will need to work out a procedure for applying the <creating user> name to the ACL, I'm not aware of an easy fix.
2) Your other option is to disallow edit access to all pages for all users (except admins) and use a talk page so that teachers can request changes.

I hope my ramblings help,
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mrwills #3
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Thank you so much MartinR!
Your suggestions and the file you have written are extremely helpful.
I will hopefully have some free time over the coming weeks to enable this.
Thank you again  :-D
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