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Creating a Wiki Synchronization with Dokuwiki-on-a-stick
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Subject: Creating a Wiki Synchronization with Dokuwiki-on-a-stick
Hi everybody

I am using Dokuwiki-on-a-stick on my computer (Windows) and want to sync the DokuWiki pages with my Android phone. As such, I have installed the app "DokuWikiAndroid" which requires obviously a Server URL. Due to the fact that I use the localhost:8800 to access my DokuWiki on the computer, I am a bit clueless how I can create such an URL.

So far, I have installed the Wiki Synchronization plugin and also followed the "getting started" instructions here: I assume my problem can be fixed if I use create a Sync profile in the Admin section of my DokuWiki account. Unfortunately, I need a XMLRPC url. How can I get such an url if my DokuWiki is running on the localhost?

In the end I believe this XMLRPC url is the URL I have to insert on the DokuWikiAndroid app as a server url to make the synchronization work. Am I getting this right?

I tried to search for similar problems in the Forum but wasn't successful yet. Please excuse if I missed the hit-the-nail post.

Thank you all in advance for your help!

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You need an URL other than localhost, because as the name implies localhost can only be reached locally. DokuWiki on a stick binds to all of your computer's network interfaces, so it should also be reachable via the IP address of your computer. Eg. use something like as the URL (with being the IP address of your computer).
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pwae #3
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Thank you Andi for your support.
I tried the URL as you mentioned - with limited success. I was able to create a Sync profile and I used the XMLRPC url in the DokuWikiAndroid synchronization settings. The pages are unfortunately not syncing... On the other hand, I am able to use the menu "Display online page" with success (proving that the URL is correct and working).

I am well aware that DokuWikiAndroid is not part of your area. Nevertheless, if you have any clue or idea, please let me know.

The debug logs show the following content:

"page start not in local db, get it from server"
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