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Trouble with ACL
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Subject: Trouble with ACL
Hi there. I just started working with DokuWiki yesterday. So far I love it. However, I tried to make it publicly visible and accidentally made it publicly visible AND editable instead. What's more, my in-wiki control panel disappeared, so I need to change the settings inside the appropriate file. Now, for whatever reason, I can NOT wrap my head around the way the wiki explains how to do this. I'm hoping one of you can help me.

I want to make the wiki publicly viewable, but make it so that only authorized users are allowed to edit. What should I do?

Near as I can tell I need to go to domains/THEWIKI/private_html/conf/acl.auth.php and change the ALL and / or user numbers from those listed below. The problem is, I can't seem to find any that change anything that I can see. I don't want to break it worse.

# acl.auth.php
# <?php exit()?>
# Don't modify the lines above
# Access Control Lists
# Auto-generated by install script
# Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2020 03:20:39 +0000
  •               @ALL          0
  •               @user         8
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What's more, my in-wiki control panel disappeared
You probably changed the useacl setting. Near domains/THEWIKI/private_html/conf/acl.auth.php, there should be a file named local.php edit this file and make sure it contains this line :
$conf['useacl'] = 1;

This should restore both the control panel and the ability to set ACL.

Now a quick tour of ACL :
acl.auth.php is a list of (page,who, privileges) rules. For anyone visiting any page, the most page-specific rule and if more than one apply the one that gives the greatest privileges apply. You currently have this :
* @ALL 0 : * : Any page, @ALL : anyone, 0 : cannot read
* @user 8 : * : Any page, @user : logged in users, 8 : can write (mofify and create page)

Visitors who aren't logged in cannot read page. That is easy to test. Visit your wiki in a private navigation window. You should not be able to read any page.

I think you want one of these sets to start with.

* @ALL  1 : * : any page, @ALL : anyone, 1 : can read
Implicit : only you, the superuser, can modify

* @ALL  1 : * : any page, @ALL : anyone, 1 : can read
* @user 8 : * : any page, @user : logged in users, 8 : can create/modify/delete page

* @ALL       1
* @user      1
* @writers   8
* @trusted  16
+ the superuser has to make users members of the writers and trusted groups via the control panel,

rule 1 : * : any page, @ALL : anyone, 1 : can read
rule 2 : * : any page, @user : logged in users, 1 : can read
rule 3 : * : any page,
             @writers : logged in users who belong to the writers group,
             8 : can create/write/delete page but not media
rule 4 : * : any page,
         @trusted : logged in users who belong to the trusted group,
         16 : can modify anything and can upload and delete media

AMHA, the second set is not a good idea. Any user who just registers an account can spam your site. I'd start with 1)
You can disable user regitration in control panel. You could read this too :
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