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RSS feed when editing
Aephir #1
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Subject: RSS feed when editing
I am using the function to display a feed, and that works fine. Biut when I try to edit the page that this feed is part of, in the editor, it is all of a sudden not shown as the code {{rss>URL}}, but instead as the bulletpoints I see when viewing the page.

Whe I then save the edit (I didn't edit anywhere near the RSS part), then it shows as if I had manually put in each link on seperate bullitpoints. That means it inserts extra space between line breaks, and I assume it won't update the feed either?

Does anyone have any idea why, and  how to fix?


PS: The exact RSS format/link I used was {{rss>}}, in case that matters.
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andi (Administrator) #2
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Sounds like you're using some kind of WYSIWYG editor? Unfortunately you didn't tell us which one.
Read this if you don't get any useful answers.
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turnermm (Moderator) #3
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Can't currently embed RSS directly into ckgedit.  Perhaps you can post a feature request to the ckgedit issues on github. In the meantime, you will have to use the include plugin.
Myron Turner
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Aephir #4
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Yes, exactly, I'm using ckgedit. OK, thanks, I'll make a request.

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